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Amazon Cloud Data Center Opens In Australia

Amazon has finally launched a local Cloud node here in Sydney Australia, making it’s ninth regional node globally. Amazon will offer the full range of services from the local node including; Elastic Compute Cloud, Simple Storage Service and Elastic Block Storage. The biggest advantage this brings to local customers is improved latency, higher bandwidth and improved Data Sovereignty.  But.. Amazon Read More & Comment


Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing Shows Enterprises Finding Value in Big Data, Virtualization

Enterprises are beginning to change their buying behaviors based on the deployment speed, economics and customization that cloud-based technologies provide. Gartner cautions however that enterprises are far from abandoning their on-premise models and applications entirely for the cloud. via Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing Shows Enterprises Finding Value in Big Data, Virtualization – Forbes. Read More & Comment


Net grows, businesses dragged into IPv6

IPv6 an effort larger in cost and effort than Y2K, but should go unnoticed if done right.  Consumers wont notice anything if todays Internet Protocol version 6 IPv6 launch is successful, while businesses will likely remain hard pressed to find a reason to enable it, even if they will be dragged along anyway.IPv6 will eventually replace IPv4 as the communications protocol that enables internet traffic Read More & Comment


LinkedIn confirms password leak, eHarmony has one too

With lawmakers in Washington D.C. expressing concern, LinkedIn confirmed Wednesday afternoon via its blog that user passwords had been compromised. The business networking site, however, did not address whether the number of passwords stolen equaled the more than 6.5 million reported earlier in the day. Meanwhile, 1.5 million passwords belonging to users of online dating site eHarmony may also have Read More & Comment


EMC to Tackle Private-cloud Complexity With All-in-one VSPEX Platform

                EMC are going mid-market with their latest VSPEX offering.  This solution set is targeted in-between VBlocks and the DIY Private Cloud as a way to bring pre-packaged and certified EMC Cloud solutions to the mid-market.  This new solution set will give NetApp & Cisco’s Flexpods a run for its money!  Read more Read More & Comment


Rebuilding Enterprise IT Around Cloud Computing

                Below is an extract from another really great article from Bernard Golden at and definetly worth a read for anyone that is offering or buying Cloud Computing solutions.  Reading this you might begin to understand the shift that is happening in Enterprise IT around Cloud Computing. Enterprise Cloud Computing really Read More & Comment


Cloud Computing Boom Could Be Bigger than Dot-Com Boom

Cloud Computing Boom

                    After years of speculation and forecasts by industry analysts, the cloud computing era has arrived, according to the National Inflation Association, which predicts that by 2013, the cloud computing boom could surpass the dot-com boom of the early 2000s.Cloud computing, which has started to become Read More & Comment


Wimpy Cores vs Brawny Cores

 By Hosting Guru                     Just a quick one today with a quick look at massively parallel low power computing which Facebook and Google are extremely interested in but say that the ROI isnt quite there yet.  With 200 core chips available soon and 1000 core chips on the horizon in the next couple years Read More & Comment


NTT America and Integralis Partner to Ease Global Enterprise Cloud Deployments

NTT America

      Integralis Exhibits at RSA Conference 2012 in San Francisco NTT America, a global infrastructure services provider and wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation, and Integralis, a global provider of IT security and information risk management solutions, today announced an ongoing partnership to provide global enterprises with secure, high performance, streamlined and Read More & Comment


Hyper-Hybrid Cloud – More Cloud Hype or is Cloud Getting Real?!?

                      By Hosting Guru Another new Cloud term has recently started to surface, “Hyper-Hybrid Cloud”. What is it? Is it real? Do we need yet another Cloud term in what seems like a zealous Cloud obsessed IT industry?!? Well, this might actually be the first Cloud term that describes Read More & Comment


Oracle Spends Another Billion on Cloud Computing

Larry Ellison

                    Somewhere in San Francisco Mark Benioff has a big smile on his face. The CEO of is sitting back and watching his rival Larry Ellison spend billions to try and compete in his cloud. Just months after spending $1.5 billion to take over RightNow Technologies, Oracle is dropping another Read More & Comment


The Rise of Cloud Computing on Wall Street – Wall Street & Technology

Wall Street & Technology

Looking to cut their capital expenditures on servers and applications, financial services firms are warming up to private clouds run outside their firewalls. As Wall Street continues to struggle with volatile markets, uncertain global economic conditions and vanishing profits, many firms are looking to reduce their capital expenditures. Targeting the costs of building data centers and maintaining Read More & Comment


Footy fight shows how cloud computing can kill your business


  The Federal Court handed Australian business a lesson: cloud computing can be a devastating disruptor that you need to understand deeply before someone uses it to kill your business. The lesson came in the Court’s decision that Optus’ TV Now service can continue to operate. TV Now is like a video recorder in the cloud. If you want to record a show, you program the service to Read More & Comment


Cloud Computing Fueling Global Economic Growth: London School of Economics study – Forbes

Cloud Computing Economic Growth

The development of cloud computing will promote economic growth, increase productivity and shift the type of jobs and skills required by businesses, according to a new study by the London School of Economics and Political Science. The LSE study selected two industries, aerospace and smartphone services, and examined the impact of cloud computing on these industries across the UK, USA, Germany Read More & Comment


Tech Giants Back Standard For Cloud Portability

Cloud Interoperability

              My Take> It’s not open standards based, but it has some big consulting and tech firms behind it. It will be very interesting to see where this leads.  I talked about this late last year as one of the key issues with Cloud Computing.  Corporate data portability between Cloud Services Providers is a serious concern.  Current Read More & Comment